Preserve your beauty

Protect your skin and hair from hard water damage

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The #1 shower filter recommended by beauty professionals in Australia

Your hair and skin care starts with the water you're using, not the products! Save up to thousands on beauty products and treatments and address the root of the issue... hard water!

The Filtered Beauty Shower Purifier™

reduces more than 95% of water irritants

chlorine, fluoride, magnesium, aluminium, calcium, pesticides, copper, mercury, lead and more!


No Plumber or Tools Needed

Filtered Beauty's™ ultimate shower fitting guide made easy for you in quick steps to cleaner water!

You know to filter the water you drink

But why not the water you shower in?

Contaminants produce a film on the hair, making it hard for moisture to penetrate, leaving your hair dry and prone to breakage. Plus, they can mess with your hair colour and make your scalp itchy.

Trusted by 11,000 customers and beauty professionals