2 minute installation time! No plumber or tools required.

Step 1: Flush your Filtered Beauty Shower Purifier

Hold your Filtered Beauty Shower Purifier under a tap and turn the water on to flush out the extra carbon particles. This may turn your water black/grey in the beginning, but don’t worry, keep flushing until the water runs clear. Turn it over and follow the same directions for both sides.

Step 2: Remove your Existing Shower Head

Remove the existing shower head from the arm, by turning it counter clockwise. This is usually done by hand; however, you may need a wrench if your shower head is on too tight. Peel away any old tape and clean the threaded pipe.

Step 3: Apply Filtered Beauty Tape

Apply the included tape tightly around your Filtered Beauty Shower Purifier thread and the shower arm (approximately 3-5 times). 

Step 4: Time to Install Your Filtered Beauty Shower Purifier

Install your Filtered Beauty Shower Purifier onto the shower arm by turning it clockwise (hand tight), then install your shower head, also turning it clockwise (hand tight). If additional tightening is required, use a soft cloth to protect the Filtered Beauty™ Shower Purifier, and tighten with a wrench.

Handy hint when you're installing, remember, "righty tighty" and "lefty loosey"! Always turn clockwise unless stated otherwise. 

Enjoy your purest shower yet...

*Tools Optional: Wrench (not necessary)