This is the story about how client (Tayla) and hairdresser (Kim) came together to create your new cult status beauty tool, the Filtered Beauty Shower Purifier.

Since 2018, Kim has been Tayla’s trusted hairstylist (therapist at times) and the two formed a special bond from the get-go. Kim, who owns one of the most reputable blonde specialist salons on the West Coast, always made sure Tayla left her salon with the brightest, creamiest blonde locks.

“I would always leave the salon feeling incredible with the most gorgeous shiny blonde hair. The compliments would fly in from the moment I stepped out of the salon. I soon noticed after a few washes, that my hair was becoming slightly dull and yellow and the compliments started fading as quickly as my hair” – Tayla

When Tayla mentioned the issue, Kim went through the usual list of suspected causes – was she coming in for regular appointments – YES, was her hair lifted correctly – DUH… she never even needed a toner… does she use heat protection and salon grade haircare – OF COURSE and does she ever swim in chlorine - NEVER. Tayla was doing everything right – so what was the issue?

“I started noticing a pattern with my clients, particularly with those who worked in the mines, where not only was their hair discolouring, it was becoming dry and brittle. After lots of research, the only thing I could put it down to was the chemicals and minerals present in their shower water that was clearly affecting their hair quality” – Kim

Kim quickly began recommending to all her clients that they head down to the local hardware store and purchase a shower filter. Many, including Tayla, didn’t really know what they were looking for and as a result, never invested.

Fast forward to 2021 and Tayla began working for Kim full-time. They were constantly educating their clients and followers through social media about the negative effects of unfiltered shower water and really encouraging them to invest in a shower filter as it really is, one of the easiest things you can do to improve your hair, skin and overall health!

It was when we started getting an exponential interest from clients and followers about what to look for in shower filters that we had our LIGHTBULB MOMENT and Filtered Beauty was born.