Filtered Beauty is a shower filter with a

powerful Vitamin C and mineral-enriched filtration system

designed to improve your hair, skin and overall health by removing toxins and chemicals found in hard water from your shower.

What is Hard Water?

In Australia, hard water is a problem for about 90% of households. Our water comes from different places like rivers, dams and underground reservoirs, and as it travels and gets treated, it picks up minerals and metals along the way. Water companies use chlorine and other products to clean it up, but that makes it worse. When the water gets heated in hot water systems, it can make the mineral and metal levels even higher. Plus, the copper pipes used in plumbing can add more copper and lead to the mix. All these nasty things, including fluoride, magnesium, calcium, aluminium, pesticides and more, can mess with your hair, skin and overall health.

How Hard Water affects you?

Hard water isn't great for your hair and skin. It can leave your hair dry, brittle and kind of lifeless, especially if you're blonde, you might even notice some weird yellow or brassy tones. Plus, it could make your hair fall out more and your scalp feel super dry. Showering with hard water can leave this gross residue on your shower and make your skin feel all dehydrated, itchy and tight afterward. It might even mess with your skin, giving you eczema, psoriasis or hives because of all the minerals in it. And, oh yeah, it could speed up the aging process too. It's not just about looking though; hard water can mess with your health too, making asthma or breathing problems worse and irritating your eyes. So yeah, hard water? Not the best!

How does Filtered Beauty help?

Our filters come with an advanced 15-stage filtration process, getting rid of not just the toxins and chemicals we just talked about, but also pumping in beneficial minerals and Vitamin C. With KDF 55, Calcium Sulfite, Activated Alumina, Activated Carbon and High Chlorine Balls working together, they ensure the highest level of filtration possible, removing over 95% of chlorine, as well as cutting down on heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides... And the added vitamins and minerals like Zeolite, Vitamin C, and Tourmaline? They give your hair and skin a boost, bringing back their natural vitality. Especially Vitamin C, known for keeping your skin firm and youthful, tackling skin issues, dryness, lines, wrinkles and kickstarting collagen production. It's basically like an anti-aging superhero!

Have to see it to believe it?

Wondering whether Filtered Beauty will work for you? See the transformative results for yourself! With over 10 000 satisfied customers and recommendations from hairdressers and skin clinics across Australia, why not give it a try? Achieve the radiant, glowing look you've always wanted with Filtered Beauty.